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Finish your Summer at Chesterton

Mark 25th September in your calendars as this will be National Fitness Day. And we can't think of a better day to join a gym than this - that's why we want to invite you all for a free gym session and sauna. We will also have a few other surprises in stock so make sure to check our facebook page for updates!

Easter at Chesterton

First of all we want to wish you and your loved ones a great Easter holiday. Before you return to your normal weekly routine have a look at what we have in store for you in the following weeks. 

February @ CSC

Before you check out the other news, please make a note that our website address is changing. 

You will be able to access all the information about the centre by going to

We are still in the process of fixing small IT related bits and pieces but the new link is already operational so give it a go!

January at Chesterton

Lots of great things will be happening this year, so get ready and stay fit with us! 

Please also make sure to follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with timetables and grab last minute offers and rewards!

November at Chesterton Sports Centre

Please note that we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our website. While our IT works on resolving the issues we have set up an alternative link to access our website. Please use as an alternative method of accessing our timetables, price lists and latest news. 

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September and October at Chesterton Sports Centre

We hope you had a great summer and are ready to start another term full of energy!

If you still haven't decided what to plan for the Autumn, you might be interested in our courses (both for Adults and Children or possibly start off with a new fitness class? 

Read on to learn more!

June Gym Challenge and more

There are a few interesting news we want to share with you this month. We will be running new morning classes and a new Gym Challenge, the Half-Term timetable for pool and our Bank Holiday opening times are up as well - read on and remember to update your email preferences if you haven't done so already. If you can't see some of the articles in this newsletter it means that you have removed it from your preferences!

Enjoy the reading, 

Chesterton Sports Centre

March at Chesterton

At Chesterton Sports Centre we take protecting your data seriously, and we want to show you how you can manage the correspondence we send to you via email. 

We know that not all the emails contain information that you want to see, but with our responsive newsletters YOU can affect what information is relevant to you and what is not! By updating your preferences you can let us know which information you find useful and which not and we will make sure to only inform you about the things you want to know about. 

Please bear in mind that if there is an important message that we need to communicate to our users, for example changes in opening times or prices for your membership, we will try to reach you via these emails as well. 

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February activities at Chesterton Sports Centre

Have you tried our newly refurbished Fitness Suite? How are your new year's resolutions after a month of exercises? Maybe you want to give a go to a new class? 

Check out the information in our February Newsletter and don't forget that you can tell us what information is relevant to you by updating your preferences in the box below!

Adult Courses - Spring term


December at Chesterton


New Courses and Activities at Chesterton


Summer at Chesterton


New term at Chesterton


Cauna being built in Chesterton


Summer Term prepareations in Chesterton


CSC New Year's Resolutions


Seasonal greetings from Chesterton Sports Centre


CSC Newsletter: Are you ready for next term activities? 


October Newsletter




July Newsletter


Chesterton Sports Centre June Newsletter


Fitness Classes, Emergency Courses New Vacancies

Welcome to the Chesterton Sports Centre May Newsletter which features new fitness classes, emergency courses and a few vacancies. We've got something for everybody from parent and toddler swim lessons to 10 week running courses. 

FREE Nutrition workshops avaialble this month

Welcome the Chesterton Sports Centre March Newsletter. We've got plenty on offer this month with our free nutrition workshops, free SwimFit class and plenty of activities for the kids.

Classes to get in shape on foot, by bike or in water.


Bootcamp Dates, New Classes, a Special Offer & More!


Free Personal Training, Our Brand New Opening Hours & More!


Get fit, have fun, pay less!


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